Dear feminists:


You do not speak for all women. You do not represent all women. A lot of women fucking hate you. If this is what you think you are doing please stop.


Most women, who are sick of your bullshit. I can’t speak for all of them but I know there are a lot.

Dear anti-feminist women,

You are allowed to have whatever opinion you like about feminism. You are not compelled to partake in the liberation movement. However, don’t forget that many of the social equalities that you currently enjoy (such as being able to own property, vote, and attend school) are the result of feminism. 

Also remember, just because you are complacent with the progress that has already been made, does not mean there isn’t still progress to achieve.

All in all, a liberation movement is not validated by the comfort of those who are complacent with the inequality that it aims to dismantle. 


A feminist.