say what you want about my immortal, at least it had more queer representation than the actual harry potter books



harry potter isnt about sexuality

harry potter isnt about sexuality

harry potter isnt about sexuality


Well, I guess you’ve missed the countless straight characters in that particular franchise. There are approximately a dozen sub plots revolving around straight romance. Don’t be silly.

Just because there are romantic subplots does not mean something is about sexuality.

ALSO, Dean and Seamus were going to be a couple, but funding cuts were threatened so she simply hinted at it throughout the books.

Not to mention the relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald. That one was MORE than obvious. 

The reality is that in most circumstances, queer relationships are less common than straight relationships. Rowling stayed true to that, AND kept the majority of the plot away from romance. It stayed on the line it was meant to be on. Most of the romance in the stories were plot devices and pushed the books ahead.

Not everything has to be jam-packed with LGBT values, especially if it’s meant to be semi-realistic for a particular time period. HP takes place in the 90s, if I recall correctly. There weren’t nearly as many openly queer people, let alone couples. 

The series focuses on magic while still keeping everything else realistic to the setting the story is placed in. It’s totally reasonable for relationships to be set the way they are. 

AND FURTHERMORE, a writer can write however they choose. If she doesn’t want a hugely LGBT community within her plot, THAT IS OKAY, because it is HER work of art. Not yours.

How many LGBTQIAP+ characters are there canonly within the text of those books? 


Despite all the blubbering that you’re typing, the number is still 0. 

Dozens and dozens of canon cis heterosexual characters. And 0 LGBTQIAP+ characters, and none of your piss poor weak tea excuses change that. 

ZERO. 0. Zilch. Nada One. 

That’s incredibly heteronormative and heterosexist.

And you know what? LGBTQIAP+ Potter fans are allowed to comment on this shit. So how about you pack up your bullshit and sit down because literally no one fucking asked for your str8ie opinion on queer representation. 

As a bisexual fan of the Harry Potter series, let me say something. While there is very little queer representation in the franchise and was not explicitly explained in the text of the books, JK Rowling said in an interview that Dumbledore was gay, and as JK Rowling is the creator of that series, what she reveals about the characters does happen to be canon. 

I’m gunna go ahead and point you towards the essay “Death of the Author” about the general irrelevancy of authorial intent.

The fact is- there is no queer representation or visibility at ALL within those books. And I don’t think that one highly problematic unrequited sub plot revealed in a post-publication interview really makes up for that. 

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