“to us, there is no ‘controversy’ surrounding the film TONTO. 

The character is fictional, and steeped in harmful stereotypes.
Johnny Depp is NOT Native. 
The film promotes Pan-Indianism by mixing and matching imagery. 
Disney must hold the record for most racist films produced - there is the whole package deal from Disney, the Halloween costumes and the action figures that will be indoctrinating a whole new generation into a world of misinformation about Indigenous Peoples. 
Indigenous children, will bear the brunt of this marketing juggernaut in the playground. 
There are a million stories about Indigenous Peoples that are waiting to be told. Authentic stories - by Indigenous writers, made by Indigenous film makers, using Indigenous Actors. 
This film is a step backward in time. 
No amount of donations to “Native American organizations” can make this right. No amount of pics of Johnny Depp wearing T-shirts with Native slogans on them, can make this right. 
We’re going to be boycotting this film, and the whole sideshow of promotional trinkets. 
We’ll be too busy mopping up the mess of misunderstanding and cultural mockery left in this film’s wake.”

-F.A.I.R Media (For Accurate Indigenous Representation)


(Source: sixsahbee, via this-is-not-native)