Feminism has become a big topic lately, one that I am completely 100% behind, but i feel like it needs a change in name. Some of you will ask why. Some of you will support me. All I want is for people to become aware.

Feminism was not initially founded to support women and…

Okay, this is where I get a little upset. You see, some guys have it rough *woah shocker warning:triggers* but what people need to realize is EVERYONE SHOULD BE EQUAL! Im not suggesting some men have it worse than women, but i dont understand why men can also not be supported in the gender equality. The term feminism suggests that WOMEN should have the upper hand, which I believe may be the reason some men are not totally in support of this.

What you are suggesting is that the name should be changed because women and non-binary gendered people should have the upper hand m{if you’re not suggesting this I’m sorry}.

Ill be glad to discuss this further with you.

Feminism does not suggest that women should be superior to men. How much more of a stereotypical misunderstanding of basic concepts can you utter here? 

Feminism is concerned with dismantling the social scaffoldings and systems that enforce gender inequality. 

And it is helpful then to RECOGNIZE that men benefit from those systems and that those systems target women and non-binary gendered people. 

YES, men can be harmed by those systems. Restrictive gender roles and contradictory and hard to attain ideals of masculinity are harmful. But it is a false equivalency to place those side by side with the much more DIRECT effects of those oppressive systems. 

Our movement does not need to put men front and center to be valid. Our movement focusing primarily on women and non-binary gendered people is still valid. 

If some men need to be the primary focus of feminism to be allies, then we don’t need THOSE men to be allies. 

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