“That’s life, no need to be a pussy about it.”

Tony Stark, Iron Man 3

I really HATE that expression and it really hurt me that the writers let Tony say that. But this isn’t really about Tony. 

It’s about the term pussy as in vagina being used as an insult meaning someone is weak and just.. you know not strong or fucking badass.

Excuse me but “pussies” are anything but weakWe squeeze babies out of our “pussy”. We stretch our muscles so wide that a a human being can get out of there after it’s been growing for months in our uterus! I don’t see you men pushing a fucking baby out of your fucking peeholes.
Sorry but to “be” a pussy is fucking badass! So shut up.

Agreed, but I do think it’s notable that it was TONY who said that line. 

Tony, who has a long history of underestimating, objectifying, and generally just being awful with women.  

Tony who is responding to a child talking about a father who left him- while he himself still isn’t totally over his own daddy issues. 

I think we’re SUPPOSED to see the hypocrisy of that line, though maybe that’s just wishful thinking.