Please don’t tell me you’re buying into all this idiotic pre-hate…

The Snow Queen is a Scandinavian tale. Scandinavians (such as Danish and Swedes) are supposed to look white with blonde hair, which is what Disney’s designs are. I’m not trying to be racist here, but I don’t want the designs changed just for the sake of having non-white characters in a story that originates from a country of white-skinned people.

Seriously, political correctness and white people shaming have gotten out of hand…

meet the Sami, the indigenous people of Scandinavia, genetically connected to Inuit people:



and btw, it’s a fairy tail all on it’s own that majority of people who live there are blonde blue eyed, etc. most people have brown hair, surprise. Oh and also? at this point in reality, dark people live in those countries too. You do realize that those countries are not somehow exempt from dark people, right? I can only imagine how alienating it must be for a not-blonde, blue-eyed ~aryan dream~ that’s Swedish/Danish/Norwegian/Finnish to hear all this shit thrown around about how people from their country are SUPPOSED to look. Just like how gross it is when people assume I can’t be American because I’m not white.

Again: Disney has a history of transplanting stories from one culture into another and  into animals (Oliver and Company for example). I have a feeling that if these were animals, you wouldn’t be so quick to defend how the animals weren’t staying true to its “Scandinavian” roots. 

look inside yourself simba. figure out why you’re upset about dark people in your “white” fairy tale. and not the lions in your hamlet.


you just got schooled

As a scandinavian person I wholehearteadly agree. If this is a story that takes place in the kind of icy and snowy scenery that we’ve seen in the promotional stills it should be about the Sami people. Because believe it or not, not all of Sweden is a snowy fucking fairytale landscape. The cold is only that thick up north. Where I live on the westcoast we only have snow for about a month, then a lot of rain that turns the snow into ice and then everyone falls on the ice and old people break their legs. Yes. The winter in most parts of scandinavia is not as glamorous as people who haven’t been here think.

And even if this story were to take place in for example the midlands of Sweden, where it’s decently cold but the majority of people are still white, the way the characters are designed are still stereotypical and boring. “Scandinavians (such as Danish and Swedes) are supposed to look white with blonde hair”. Don’t tell me what people of my country are suppoused to look like. I don’t look like that. Most people aren’t blonde. We may have a higher percentage of blonde people compared to other places in the world but it doesn’t make up the majority of Sweden. And the main reason this is boring is because we’ve seen this before. I would love to see a story about the Sami because it’s a part of my country that I know sadly little about and seeing them represented in media would be interesting. And even if you want to make this story about a white scandinavian girl then at least make her interesting. Make her something we haven’t seen a thousand times.

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